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your residents deserve healthy feet

You probably get a lot of questions about podiatry from your residents and their families. That’s because they know how important good foot health is to maintaining independence and mobility. Unsurprisingly, we agree. It’s also our prerogative that the best way to prevent serious problems with your resident’s foot health is to focus on consistent preventative care. It sounds sensible right?

So with us, you can count on a podiatry service that gives you:

  • Podiatry care plans for each resident to ensure foot health is part of the holistic picture of their care needs
  • Assessment of the general foot health for the resident – we’re talking skin integrity, nails, deformities, pressure areas, skin build up and circulation issues
  • Podiatric treatment as required using bagged sterile equipment and dressings
  • Verbal and electronic handover reports so you can get the information you need quickly and accurately
  • All the documentation you need – police checks, podiatry registration, statutory declarations and insurance information – to know you are covered for accreditation
  • Access to onsite emergency podiatry sessions for when the unexpected happens
  • Quarterly reports so you have record of who is being treated under Medicare
  • Regular surveys to give you the opportunity to give us feedback
  • Education resources that help your staff learn more about maintaining the foot health of your residents
  • Handy tools like date boards and courtesy email reminders to let residents and staff know when we’re next visiting and communication manuals to ensure everyone is on the same page regarding resident care needs

All of this with a smile.

If you like the sound of having a great podiatrist who is committed to the wellbeing of your residents then quickly, stop everything, and get in touch.

“Every day I know I’m making a positive difference in residents’ lives”

Anthony, Dimple podiatrist

we’ve got you covered

We are in the business of removing hassle for you. We handle compliance requirements and make sure you have all the paperwork you need to maintain your facility’s accreditation. Rest easy knowing that care plans are current and reviewed regularly and a continuous improvement program is in place, including regular service audits, to keep you one step ahead. With no need to chase, our crew at Dimple Support Hub make sure you get hold of all those important certificates – police checks, statutory declarations, podiatry registrations and public liability documentation – pronto so there is one less thing required on your to-do list.

protecting against infection

We take infection control seriously. By implementing procedures in line with the Australian Podiatry Guidelines for Infection Control, our Infection Control processes aim to reduce the exposure and transmission of infection. Regular reviews and planned audits are conducted to ensure Infection Control standards are maintained.

are you a podiatrist who wants to make a difference?

Our podiatrists love building meaningful relationships and benefiting the lives of others. It’s what drives them to get up in the morning. If you are looking for a rewarding podiatry career with a difference then get your application in pronto.