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never stop learning

You know what they say – knowledge is power. As a Dimple podiatry customer you have access to education videos and resources that educate your team on how they can help maintain residents’ foot health between podiatry visits.

Whether it’s a refresher course on basic foot care tips or understanding more about the importance of footwear for fall prevention, we can have the tools to help you.

Education resources only available for current Dimple customers.
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shunning shoes for barefeet

As featured in Arcare Five Stars Magazine The barefoot movement is gaining popularity among some health conscious individuals. Some claim it is better for your feet, blaming shoes for a plethora of foot problems from bunions to …

the impact of footwear on fall prevention

As featured in Arcare Five Stars Magazine One thing that does not shrink when people get older is feet; they also change shape and lose some feeling and flexibility. This can impact the way we walk and can also affect balance. Swollen …