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love your job

You’re the kind of practitioner who got into the game because you wanted to help people. It makes you happy knowing you can ease someone’s pain. You’re someone who doesn’t want to be spending your time in a clinic from dawn till dusk; having a work/life balance is healthy after all. You like variety, you love talking to people and finding out their stories. You want to earn good money for good work. You have empathy, you smile easily and laugh freely. You might just be exactly what we are looking for…

“I think Dimple is a great place to work because it allows you to have the perfect work/life balance. I have also built relationships with elders in a way I never expected. Seeing people in their own environment enables you to pick up on their interests and really connect on a personal level in a short space of time; it’s very different to seeing them in a sterile clinic environment.”

Richard, Dimple podiatrist

allied health with a difference

We have a vision – to change the way the world values and celebrates elders. Our practitioners meet extraordinary people every day. We take it upon ourselves to celebrate who they are and what they’ve achieved past and present. To help us, we have some pretty simple values to guide us along the way – be loved, do right and go beyond. It’s a pretty easy litmus test to know things are on the right track.

“With Dimple, I believe I have been given the opportunity to focus solely on my podiatry skills and am amazed at how much I have developed as a Podiatrist since graduating. Working at Dimple has exceeded my job satisfaction expectations, it’s more about community and culture than just aged care.”

Renee, Dimple podiatrist

benefits you’ll love

Beyond the sheer satisfaction of making a big difference to elders’ lives, there is also a stack of great benefits that Dimple team members enjoy like paid CPD, iPads, conferences, mentoring, doona days and more.

we love graduates

Finished your degree and ready to launch your allied health career? At Dimple we offer allied health graduates the reassurance of a steady income and a support network that provides opportunities to learn from experienced mentors. If you’ve got the right stuff to be a superstar Dimple practitioner be sure to drop us a line.