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vision & values

our vision

Our vision is to change the way the world views and celebrates elders, one smile at a time.

Every day in the facilities where we treat we come across absolute legends. Individuals who have led fascinating lives and continue to; individuals with a wicked sense of humour who make us belly laugh; and individuals with kind, caring souls who love a chat. Though what bothers us is that this is often forgotten. That there is a sense that once you have reached a certain age you stop being who you are. That’s ridiculous.

Health conditions may change the type of care you need but at an essence you are still you. We want to celebrate ageing; not just for that has been achieved over the years but for the now. Through our vision we hope to reset the way that elders are valued and respected by society and as well as the degree of optimism they share towards ageing.

We believe that the wellbeing and happiness of elders has a direct impact on their health and the length of their lives. That is why we focus on both their emotional wellbeing as well as their physical health. At Dimple, you have the power to make a real difference to the happiness and wellbeing of our elders and we think that’s pretty special.

values make our world go around

We are motivated to be the best in what we do, not through ego, but through the knowledge that in our field if we are the best, we bring a little bit of joy to the lives of the people we touch. We keep on the right course by living our values to do right, be loved and go beyond.

do right

Do right stripped bare means we try to do what we say we will do. It’s fairness personified. It’s about committing, about being accountable and finding a place where everyone’s voice feels heard.

be loved

You get what you put out there! To be loved means we have to give as well as take. It means we have been generous; with our time, spirit, smiles and laughs.

go beyond

Our job descriptions are merely the starting point. Going beyond is doing the extra things to make someone’s day, week, perhaps even year! We encourage everyone to actively look for better ways to do things and think how they can be the positive difference we want to see in the world.