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the secret sauce

What makes a great culture to us? Creating an environment where you can be yourself, embrace your quirks and be around like-minded people who want to make a difference. It’s about having fun, celebrating the wins (big or small), and caring about something that is bigger than you.

If our people are the heart, culture is the heartbeat. So when finding new team members cultural fit is important; we want to hang out with kind and clever folks and we think our elders want that too.

Be loved, do right and go beyond – simple but powerful values and when we live by these we know we can make a real difference to the lives of others every day. And that’s something for us all to be proud of.

But it’s not all about the work. Fun isn’t a “nice to have”. Sure, we take delivering the best care to elders very seriously. But we also know how to have a good time and throw one hell of a costume party!

“It’s really great to be appreciated in what you are doing.”

Alexandra, Dimple podiatrist

are you the missing piece of our puzzle?

We are always looking for superstars to join the Dimple family. If you think you would slot in nicely, get in touch.