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Dimple delivers a new standard for aged care podiatry – a combination of clinical skill, emotional intelligence and teamwork to deliver care that shines.

Our vision is to change the way the world views and celebrates elders, one smile at a time.

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We know you are expanding to meet the demands of a growing aged population. That’s why we’re expanding too. With the best coverage of any podiatry provider in Australia you can be sure that we can be where you need us.

a company with heart from the word go

In 1997 things were different. The first Harry Potter book came out, ‘Titanic’ hit our screens and podiatrists just wedged aged care clients around their busy clinic hours. It was also at this time that Damien James graduated from university with a shiny Podiatry degree (nice hat Damien) and a hunger to make things better (not Harry Potter or Titanic of course, they’re perfect). He believed elders living in aged care facilities deserved a specialised podiatry service that was right for them; one that didn’t interrupt their important social or family time and gave them the respect and dignity they deserved.

He was told it wouldn’t work. But that didn’t stop him and thus Dimple was born (albeit at first with the slightly less snazzy name of Aged Foot Care). At first he was the only employee but that didn’t last long. The company grew quickly, employing more and more podiatrists and gaining more facilities who easily realised the benefits of a podiatry company who fit around the lifestyles and schedules of their residents.

Sure, along the way, we also won a few awards – Smart Company’s Smart50 and BRW’s Fast 100. But the most satisfying thing for Damien is that the intrinsic values of the company still stand today and now we deliver our special brand of care to nearly 5000 aged care residents every week.

“The company employs a caring and professional team and we have been very pleased with the service that they provide to our residents.”

Rolly, Category Manager, Mercy Health

be part of something great

It’s our genuine respect and care for each other that makes the Dimple culture so great. We like to have fun, sometimes we like to be a bit silly, but always we look out for each other. That’s what families do.